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Grab Your Passport and Pack Your Suitcase Second Grade photo

Grab Your Passport and Pack Your Suitcase Second Grade

Have you ever wanted to go on a travel adventure around the globe?  All second graders at New Town experienced the globe as armchair travelers this month.  We set our compasses for a global challenge with the help of Google Earth.  Students navigated their way around the planet and solved brain teasing puzzles to discover a final, top-secret destination!  Some of the amazing destinations we visited were:  London, Paris, Ancient Rome, Tokyo, Ancient Egypt, the Himalayas, the Great Barrier Reef, Tanzania, New York City, the Amazon Rainforest, and New Delhi.   We didn’t really travel back in time to Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt; instead we explored the modern places and zoomed in to see the Coliseum in Rome and the Pyramids in Egypt.  All this fun with the help of an amazing book called The Great Global Challenge  with Google Earth by Clive Gifford.

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5th Grade Students Prepare For the Next Big Step photo

5th Grade Students Prepare For the Next Big Step

Recently, the 5th graders at New Town Elementary, have been preparing for the next big step in their lives. The students have toured the different middle schools they will be attending next year. This is an exciting time for these kids! The different middle schools they have toured are Sun Valley Middle School, Parkwood Middle School, and Cuthbertson Middle School. They learned about different classes that are offered, the campus, sports,  and last but not least, lockers! At the end of each of the tours, the students were given a packet to select their elective classes for 6th grade.  The choices were the “Wheel”, or band. The wheel rotates through 6 classes throughout the year, such as: Drama, Chinese, Spanish, Art, French, STEM/Career class. The tours helped answer many questions and ease the nerves of our students. The future middle schoolers are ready and excited about the next part of their journey! And will they succeed? Yes, they will indeed, 98 and ¾% guaranteed….they’ll move mountains!

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