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Kindergarten is where the “kinder” folk grow! photo

Kindergarten is where the “kinder” folk grow!

 Welcome back to another fantastic school year. This year welcomed 122 Kindergarteners. We are so excited to have all the new and returning families at New Town Elementary. We conducted all beginning of the year assessments during our staggered days and got to know each other on an academic and personal level. Finally the big day came when all the kids showed up for their first official day of “Big Kid School” on Tuesday, September 2nd.

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3rd Grade Students Learn About Africa photo

3rd Grade Students Learn About Africa

This year our third graders will be learning about the continent of Africa. Each class will be focusing on a specific country. Ms. Hilmeyer will be learning about Egypt, Mrs. Johnson Mozambique, Ms. Privitera Madagascar, Mrs. Newsome Liberia, Mrs. Morris South Africa , Mrs. Mohammed Morocco, and Mrs. Roberts about Kenya. All classes will be learning different facts about these countries and comparing and contrasting each with the United States of America.  

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