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Mrs. Banerji Visits Cuthbertson International Club photo

Mrs. Banerji Visits Cuthbertson International Club

The Cuthbertson High School International Club was excited to receive a special guest speaker on October 21, 2014. New Town Elementary 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Banerji spoke about her experiences living in India. The club learned a lot about India's rich cultural heritage.
Some interesting information was that India is very diverse with each region being unique for its language, customs and traditions. Unlike America, when you travel from one state to state languages spoken in the different Indian states are completely different. Mrs. Banerji is from Kolkata and speaks Hindi , Bengali and of course English.

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 First Graders Learn About the U.K photo

First Graders Learn About the U.K

This year students in first grade will be learning about countries “across the pond” in the United Kingdom! The United Kingdom, commonly referred to as the UK, is comprised of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Teachers have used technology, story books, and websites such as CultureGram Kids Online to expose their students to these different cultures. However, we will also have the benefit of learning first hand from a native of England, our school’s new VIF (Visiting International Faculty) member, Janette Hammerton. Miss Hammerton joined the first grade team this year and has helped give the team some valuable resources for teachers to use with students. We look forward to learning about the four countries of the UK this year and would love to have parents share any of their experiences or personal souvenirs and photographs, as well!

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